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DatacentreDynamics Ltd. is an organization that offers quality information about the data centers. This is a good ..continue reading

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Jun, 20

Decentralising Architecture: from the Edge Cloud to the Central Cloud

Jun, 20

Cooling For Cognitive Workloads: How Do We Find The Best Solution

15th - 16th
Jun, 20

DCD San Francisco

San Francisco, United States
15th - 16th
Jun, 20


San Francisco, United States

Data Centre Dynamics Ltd. as Event Organizer


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4 Dr Ramachandran Guruprasad Aerospace Information Scientist at CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories Reviewed Data Center Dynamics Converged Bangalore on 21 Jul 2018
Well organized event. Good speakers. Awards should recognize more govt firms and not concentrate only on private multinationals. Hall 2 and 3 too crowded and zero Air conditioner. Next time keep less speakers and only Hall 1. Award function went off well. No lead partners and other partners should be allowed to participate in award function as decisions can get biased. Good lunch and dinner menu. No black coffee or tea. Award winner should not be only one. All finalists are winners automatically. Sharing of awards between two companies allowed. Stalls too cramped. Good compering. Lastly, add cultural tour on third day. Good wishes. Dr Guruprasad

1 rodrigo engenieer senior at Yasduit ltda. Reviewed DatacenterDynamics Chile on 23 Nov 2018
La persona encargada del registro me negó el ingreso porque según el¨ yo no estaba registrado, converse con la supervisora y me dijo que el era el jefe y lo lamentaba mucho, yo estaba muy sorprendido que me negaran el ingreso. Yo me habia registrado pero no tenia la clave de registro, esta persona el creo que se extralimito y fue agresivo para que yo me retirara del recinto, yo he visitado muchas ferias tecnológicas en Chile, Argentina y Estados Unidos y jamas me haba ocurrido algo tan denigrante, como testigo de esto esta la supervisora de las chicas que registraban a los invitados mas el guardia que solidarizo conmigo y toda la razón sobre lo descortés del empleado supervisor del evento. Yo he organizado muchos eventos en Espacio Riesco o Casa Piedra para las distintas empresas que he trabajado como Tandem Chile, Synapsis, Adexus, Coasin, etc. y nunca habia visto a una persona tan destemplada atendiendo publico invitado.Gracias

4 Avelino Galindo Rosario Ing. Mecanico Electricista at JLL Reviewed DatacenterDynamics Mexico on 30 Sep 2019
Continuar actualizándose en los temas y tecnologías de ultima generación.

5 Surendra Pepakayala Chief Architect at Anchor Insurance Reviewed Data Center Dynamics Converged Bangalore on 23 Jul 2018
Good event. Well organized and quite useful for professionals involved in infrastructure, devops and datacenters.

4 Philip Yates Director at Colocentric Limited Reviewed DCD Zettastructure on 07 Nov 2018
Well organized. The announcements were a bit loud and intrusive for holding conversations, if you ended up beneath a speaker!

5 Wadea almedwahi Futuristic Marketing Influencer at Markets Movers Reviewed DatacenterDynamics Converged on 01 Dec 2018
New business transformation insights and trends from technology prospective

5 JULIO CERNAQUE VERA Teacher at Universidad Alas Peruanas Reviewed DatacenterDynamics Peru on 26 Oct 2017
Best regards Rubi, the forum was spectacular and the exhibitions very good.Thank you very much.

5 pradeep gupta Sr. HVAC Engg at Jacobs Reviewed Data Centre Dynamics Mumbai on 25 Nov 2019
good event

5 Naveen T N CEO at PHOENIX SYSTEMS Reviewed Data Center Dynamics Converged Bangalore on 21 Jul 2017
Wonderful event very much informative

4 Narayana Dynam Electro Controls Manager Systems at Dynam Electro Controls Reviewed Data Center Dynamics Converged Bangalore on 26 Jul 2016
Quiet Informative and a good opportunity to network with peers



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