Prague, Czech Republic
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3 Natela POPKHADZE Head of Scholarly Information Center at Academy Phassis Reviewed IDC Security Roadshow on 03 Jun 2019
Despite the fact that I was registered at 10 times, the woman of the Org. Com of that event apologized to me, but did not let me listen to speakers, so I left that hotel Holiday Inn' near which I live in Tbilisi and went to another International Conference in Tbilisi elsewhere. I did not take my photo there but I was there in due time at the beginning of sessions because I constantly live nearby and I just walked to that hotel im Tbilisi. I am not angry and shall visit the events at other times in future.

5 Dr. Mohammed Khursheed Akhtar Data and Educational Consultant at King Abdulaziz University Reviewed IT Security Roadshow on 26 Apr 2018
It is really very informative and fruitful summit regarding cyber crime and cyber security detection and protection measures. Speakers are very par excellence and they are well aware about security measures and specially your Program manager.

5 Lanre Johnson Managing Director at Erpsoftapp Reviewed IDC West Africa CIO Summit on 17 May 2018
Very well organised event and was very useful for my field of business.Would be happy to get notification on similar company C level personnel focused events

5 Robert Ndungu Business Development at NSI Technology Africa Reviewed IDC CIO Summit Nairobi on 14 Jun 2019
The quality of speakers at the event was world class. Keep it up

5 Mohammad Masood Hyder Computer Engineer at KAU Reviewed IT Security Roadshow on 26 Apr 2018
An excellent summit that prints as an encapsulates of an enhanced technologies pertaining to the various forms of an IT-Development.

5 Dennis Managing Director at JAKINA Enterprise Limited Reviewed IDC East Africa CIO Summit on 08 Jun 2018
Had an epic and fruitful session. All my technological, security and cloud questions were answered to the fullest. Thank You!

5 Bolanle Balogun Head, Information Technology Services at CIES Reviewed Cloud & Datacenter Roadshow Lagos on 16 Aug 2018
It was very informative and educative as well. Will definitely look forward to other upcoming events.

5 Abbas Senior Unix and Automation Specialist at Alrajhi Bank Reviewed IDC IT Forum on 27 Nov 2018
Really good to know to about IOT things, Please let me know to join your to conduct the program

4 Alem Sisay Helpdesk Teamleader at Sanad Hosptial Reviewed IT Security Roadshow on 05 May 2017
The event was great, had to leave mid event, though enjoyed it while I was there. Was great to see an IT event which isn't about a vendor/product specifically, rather a branch of IT was the discussion.

4 Sultan A. Ameen Manager - Utilities at Seef Limited Reviewed IDC IT Forum on 08 Nov 2018
My short time being there was nice. The basic issue was the high surrounding light and the Projector dim light!



Map of Prague Male namesti 13, Praha 1 110 00, Prague, Czech Republic
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