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Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Coming of Age

Birmingham, United Kingdom

17 Mar 2020
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"Hydrogen and Fuel Cells - Powering the Future"

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Booth# 12Hydrotechnik


Nottingham, UKNew Exhibitor
measurement instrumentation,pressure test kits,pressure sensors,sensors,measuring instruments
Booth# 6Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy

Loughborough, UKNew Exhibitor
stationary and portable power,uavs,automotive
Booth# 3Fuel Cells Systems Limited

Fuel Cells Systems Limited

Hungerford, UKNew Exhibitor
hydrogen energy systems and solutions
Booth# 20Kiwa UK

Kiwa UK

Cheltenham, UKNew Exhibitor
Booth# 11IMI Precision Engineering

IMI Precision Engineering

Lichfield, UKNew Exhibitor
pressure switches & sensors,air preparation,fluid control valves,electric actuators,directional control valves
Booth# 15Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network

Coventry, UKNew Exhibitor
helping,helping international growth,helping innovation
Booth# 9Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin

Warwick, UKNew Exhibitor
Booth# 18ATETA University of Birmingham

ATETA University of Birmingham

Birmingham, UKNew Exhibitor
energy market intelligence,identify and initiate market opportunities,enhanced products and services,test and demonstrate innovative ideas
Booth# 14Umoe Advanced Composites

Umoe Advanced Composites

Kristiansand, NorwayNew Exhibitor
heave compensation accumulators,transport modules,storage solutions
Booth# 10Hyprmotive


Lutterworth, UKNew Exhibitor
electric vehicle systems,wiring systems,fuel cell systems
Booth# 1Swagelok Manchester

Swagelok Manchester

Warrington, UKNew Exhibitor
filters and fittings,leak detectors,hoses and flexible tubing,measurement devices
Booth# 21CDT Sustainable Hydrogen

CDT Sustainable Hydrogen

Nottingham, UKNew Exhibitor
post graduate training,research
Booth# 16Clean Power Hydrogen

Clean Power Hydrogen

Doncaster, UKNew Exhibitor
low emission technology,energy storage technology
Booth# 13Chesterfield Special Cylinders

Chesterfield Special Cylinders

Sheffield, UKNew Exhibitor
high -pressure gas transportation,seamless pressure vessels
Booth# 5Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Nottingham, UKNew Exhibitor
high pressure aluminium & composite gas cylinders
Booth# 4Marks and Clerk

Marks and Clerk

Birmingham, UKNew Exhibitor
enforce and defend,exploit,intellectual property
Booth# 2Bronkhorst UK

Bronkhorst UK

Suffolk Coastal District, UKNew Exhibitor
mass flow meters/controllers for gases & liquids
Booth# 17Hybrid Air Vehicles

Hybrid Air Vehicles

Bedford, UKNew Exhibitor
Booth# 7

NCE Solutions

Rochester, UKNew Exhibitor
hy-lok instrumentation,valves & fitting
Booth# 8Pressure Tech

Pressure Tech

Glossop, UKNew Exhibitor
high pressure regulators and valves
Booth# 19FTI


Crowborough, UK

instrumentation products and services
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